The Stag’s Head: Just Left with It

The final week of our advent calendar has three cocktails from Thornbridge bartenders. A while back we had a cocktail throw-down between the Thornbridge Pubs. We’ve already seen the competition winner, but the ones we’ll see this week were all contenders. The winner was a unanimous decision, but these three had at least 2 second place votes each.

The Stag’s cocktail was created by committee, a lovely beer and gin cocktail. Andy, who mixed it on the night said he didn’t know the name because he was just left with it… so that’s the name we’ve given it. It’s simple, and delicious.

25ml Sir Robin of Locksley Gin
25ml homemade grapefruit syrup*


Photo by Sian Barnell

This one is built in an old fashioned glass over ice. Stir the first two ingredients and top with Jaipur from the keg. Garnish with peel from pink grapefruit.

*the Stag’s Grapefruit Syrup is made with fresh pink grapefruit juice, demerara sugar, and hot water.

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