What do you get if you cross and egg, a Manhattan, and a Negroni? An eSPecial of course… named in honour of the late, great, modern day King of the Cocktail, Sasha Petraske. It was inspired by an amazing evening in one of his famed lounges, Dutch Kills in New York, where we experienced an outstanding play on a Manhattan. We just took it a couple of steps further down Debauchery Lane.

50ml Sir Robin of Locksley® Gin
25ml Cardinal Mendoza Brandy
15ml (1 tbsp) Simple Syrup (1 part water to 2 parts sugar)
4 drops Mexican Molé Bitters – The Bitter End
1 Egg White
Grated Spiced Chocolate

Dry shake the wet ingredients… add ice and shake again. Pour into a Martini glass and grate Spiced Chocolate over to finish.

Chin-chin Mr. P wherever you rest… you are missed the world over!

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