The Closed Shop: Chuffin’ Mary

Ever since The closed Shop has started using Sir Robin of Locksley Gin, they have been making “GINfusions” with it. Some have been simple and subtle, some have been way out there, and some have used nostalgic ingredients from childhood (their Parma Violet is a crowd favourite). When we asked them to use one in a cocktail for our calendar they created a new GINfusion. Perfect for a Sunday morning brunch, or a little “hair of the dog”. A Bloody Mary, with gin in place of vodka is usually known as a Red Snapper. But with the addition of the GINfusion we think the Chuffin’ Mary, is Chuffin’ lovely.

50ml Sir Robin of Locksley® GINfusion*
Tomato Juice
A dash or so of Hendos
Coriander and Chili to garnish

* For the GINfusion, infuse the gin with Coriander and Scotch Bonnet Chilis (sliced) for at least a week.


Photo by Sian Barnell

Strain the GINfusion into a pilsner glass, and fill the remainder of the glass with Tomato Juice. Add a dash of Hendos to taste. Garnish with a sprig of Coriander, and a split chili on the side of the glass.

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